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  1. Project Status
    Dionea basically runs on every UNIX platforms:
    • Dionea by now runs on Linux, Free BSD, and OS-X, but the up todate version has not yet been verified for the latter two UNIX.
    • Dionea for Windows XP/2000 has not been made available yet. For some windows PC, it woks, but for others not. One problem is PyQt whose socket sometimes does not respond. We have not fixed this problems.

    Dionea depends on libraries in the standard libraries and some components by 3rd parties.
    • The Dionea server parts set hooks to the libraries to raise debug events: These are in Ruby standard library (Thread; dRuby, and CGI modules), or . Python standard library (Threading), and of the web frameworks (Rails and TurboGears).
    • The Dionea client part uses Qt3 and SIP for GUI interface.
    • Both the client and the server parts encode the commands and responses to the YAML format to transfer them between the client and servers. To do so, Sych modules are used.

    Note that not every up to date version of these libraries works with Dionea. Threfore, we provide our recommended versions in tar file, together with Dionea. (See the installation as described later.)