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  1. What is Dionea?
    The debugger which we named "Dionea" meaning "Venus fly catcher", a plant whose latin name is "Dionaea Muscipula", provides a distiributed thread-aware symbolic debugging environment for distributed programs using Python and Ruby.

    Dionea uses asynchronous one-to-many coupling of debug client (User Interface) and debug servers (target embedded debug agents). The debug client part is written in Python, while the debug sever parts are either Python (with small C code for a supplement module and a patch for CPython interpreter) or totally Ruby.

    Dionea has two domain specific extensions: One is "remote stepping from caller to callee". The other is "session-aware" tracing which is an unprecedented feature.

    The most important feature will be the "session-awareness". Our support by now is for Rails and TurboGears frameworks.