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  1. How to use Dionea
    • Dionea as thread-aware debugger
      1. Installing Dionea.

      2. Running debug client.
        $ cd /path/to/dionea
        $ dionea &

        If the "automatic connection" is set enabled in the configration file (path/to/dionea/config/config.yml), you have to run the debug client in the same machine that you specified in this configuration file. Click the "connect" manu, and a dialog window is open. Then, choose the "auto" radio button. Then input the same port number that is specified in the configuration file.

      3. Running a debugee.
        • Python-Server
          $ cd /path/to/dionea
          $ [-p port number] &
        • Ruby-Server
          $ cd /path/to/dionea
          $ dioneas.rb [-p port number] script-name.rb &

      4. Connecting to debuggee.
        Click "connect" menu icon.
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        Click Connect Menu-icon. X

        Select "connect" radio button.
        Inpout Host name and Port number.
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        Dionea Connect Dialog. X

      5. Setting Breakpoints.
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        Setting Breakpoints. X

        Per-thread Breakpoint.
        Common Breakpoint.

      6. Click "continue","Step" or "Next" menu icon.
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        Click "continue","Step" or "Next" menu icon. X

      • Screenshot

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        Dionea. X

      • Sample Program List
        In /path/to/dionea/sample, two sample web projets using Rails, two sample projects using TurboGears, and several sample scripts to test multi-threading are included:
        Sample Program List
        • Depot application using Rails: [ .../rails/depot ]
        • Depot application using Rails/Ajax: [ .../rails/depot-ajax ]
        • Depot application using TurboGears: [ .../tg/depot ]
        • Depot application using TurboGears/Ajax: [ .../tg/depot-ajax ]
        • The dining philosophers problem:
          [ .../python/, .../ruby/philosophers.rb ]
        • Producer-consumer pattern: [ .../python/, .../ruby/testP-C.rb ]
        • Worker-thread pattern: [ .../python/ ]
        • Thread-per-message pattern:
          [ .../python/, .../ruby/testTperM.rb ]
        • Read/write lock synchronization: [ .../python/ ]
        • Barrier synchronization: [ .../python/ ]
        • dRuby sample programs: [ .../ruby/druby/test-client.rb,test-server.rb ]
        X M

    • For Rails
    • For TurboGears